The Plan...of course it's written in the sand at low tide....

The Plan...of course it's written in the sand at low tide....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Custer Park .... Mount Rushmore ..... Crazy Horse

Next stop was Heatland RV Park in Hermosa...our base for Custer Park, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. First we drove through Custer State Park. We took the wild life loop and we were so excited to see a herd of 6 bison. We stopped and watched them and took lots of pictures so happy we got to see them, then we went a couple miles up the road, turned the corner and WOW there was a herd of bison over 100 strong. Took our breath away.

Along the wildlife loop we also saw some very friendly burros/donkeys, prairie dogs, and antelope:

We then took The Needle Hwy with beautiful views of the mountains around Mount Rushmore. There were two tunnels carved through the rocks and one was 8 feet 6 inches, huge, compared to the last one we went through which was only 8 feet 4 inches...THE TRUCK IS 8 FEET WIDE!!!!!! We took it slow and made it through only to find someone taking a Go Pro video of us. Beautiful drive, however, as is the whole park.

Made it to Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore....both were amazing. Mount Rushmore was awe inspiring and I'm so glad we finally made it there. We went during the day and then drove back to see it at night with the lighting ceremony. They do a special tribute to all those who have served and invite past, present, and family of those lost on stage to salute them and thank them for their service.
Crazy Horse:

Mount Rushmore:

While we were there we were having problems with the toilet so low and behold there was a Camping World just north of Rapid City. Drove up got the toilet went on to see Sturgis and then on to Deadwood for lunch. Toilet was in that night so we were back in business.
Sturgis and Deadwood:

Went to Hill City and the Alpine Inn for dinner....a must while you are in the area. They only have 2 entries but one is a bacon wrapped filet mignon and homemade desserts to dive for.
Loved the country around Custer and Mount Rushmore......we will definitely go back when we can stay longer.

The Famous Wall Drug and South Dakota's Badlands

Made it to Wall Drug in Wall and The Badlands in South Dakota. We arrived during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally so there were lots and lots of bikes. Wall drug was a bit commercial but it's so amazing it's relatively flat then all of a sudden you get the "Badlands".........Beautiful rock formations and we had the luck of seeing herds of long horned sheep and caribou. It was so fun watching them leave the flat lands and head down the steep cliffs...they are really sure footed.

On the way to Wall, SD we stopped for lunch in Faith and found this wonderful fella:
The BADLANDS..................